Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is a valuable addition to your seafood program. Always sustainable, wildly abundant and richly delicious, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is versatile, easy to cook and available year-round.


One-third of the world’s sockeye salmon comes from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Bristol Bay boasts 130+ years of sustainability, supporting 8,000+ small boat fishermen and generations of fishing families.

Wild Abundance

Bristol Bay is the leading source of wild sockeye salmon on the planet. Roughly half of the world’s sockeye salmon comes from this amazing place. The pristine habitat and responsible fishery management have sustained this fishery for over 130 years, and ensure that salmon runs, fishing families and communities will continue to thrive.

Harvested with Care

Bristol Bay’s vast system of pristine rivers and snow fed lakes make it an ideal sockeye salmon habitat. The Bristol Bay watershed feeds into six major river systems. Small boat fishermen harvest salmon using drift and set gillnets, producing virtually zero bycatch. The fish are chilled at the point of harvest and quickly delivered to nearby processing plants. The harvest season runs from mid-June to early August, typically peaking in early July. Each year, the staggering abundance of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon means plenty of salmon can be frozen for year-round enjoyment.

Small Fishing Businesses
175 mill lbs
Harvested Sockeye
(10-year average)

Certified Sustainable

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is certified sustainable by RFM (Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).


Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon provides a complete, high quality protein keeping the whole body strong and healthy. Wild sockeye salmon is a key source of marine omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) which are essential for heart health, suppress inflammatory responses, improve blood flow and promote brain function. According to the USDA, sockeye salmon is the No. 1 food source of vitamin D per 100g. Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system. Bristol Bay sockeye’s natural diet of krill and plankton, which provide its iconic ruby red hue, makes it an ideal source for astaxanthin, a powerful heart healthy, free radical busting compound that supports whole health.

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In the Case

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon shines as a show stopping centerpiece in any retail case.
Elevate department sales with these display techniques.

Retail Display Best Practices

  1. Always keep the best looking product on top

    in the case, and refresh product regularly.
  2. Fillets should be fully supported from underneath

    (not draped over/stretched) to minimize appearance of gaping.
  3. Display fillets skin-to-skin

    or flesh-to-flesh to minimize bacteria growth and prevent scales sticking to the flesh.
  4. Skin or tray packs

    offer both a beautiful and convenient option for customers!
  5. Offer a variety of product forms

    (H&G, steaks, whole and half fillets) in the case to build transaction values.
  6. Avoid displaying fillets that show bruising,

    blood spots, discoloration, or severe gaping/tearing of the flesh.
  7. Flawed fillets can be trimmed or transformed

    into value added retail deli products such as burgers.
  8. Avoid piercing salmon flesh with signage.

    Display signs in ice or clipped onto trays.

Product Forms


Value Added

Both healthy and delicious, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is ideal for ready to cook meal kits or ready to eat meals in your retail deli. Fast and convenient prepared meals are the perfect use for imperfect fillets. On the occasion that the product has imperfections, it can easily be transformed into value added items such as burgers, skewers, sushi, poke kits, pasta salads, and more. Consumers get a delicious dish; seafood departments get a boost to their bottom line.

Fish Size

Alaska’s dynamic ocean conditions support a wide variety of products and sizes- something for every customer.

2 to 4

Smaller fillets, perfect for single shoppers, couples or young families in a hurry

4 to 6

Larger fillets that can be divided to order or cut into steaks for the discerning customer

6 to 9

Perfect for dinner parties, large families, or meal prep

9 & up

Prized by chefs for show stopping center cut portions


Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is savory and versatile, perfect for the salmon curious as well as experienced culinary adventurers. Resources for foolproof salmon preparation are our specialty; we provide recipe cards, cooking technique resources and how-to videos that make cooking a breeze, every time.

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Marketing & Sales Support

The Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon marketing program supports sales of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon through training and education, promotional funding, digital assets, social media support, collateral and point of sale, and more. This program is offered free of charge, funded by the fishermen of Bristol Bay.