“The recipes and photos BBRSDA has provided are excellent for marketers and help in making even the inexperienced cook confident in their ability to bring out the best of sockeye salmon” 

-Steve Kurian, Wild For Salmon

“[Downloading from the media library] …has allowed us to establish a greater level of professionalism with both our customers and retailers, while still maintaining our own individual identity and authenticity.”

– Kara Berlin, Thunder’s Catch

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Looking to reach more potential customers in your area? The Fish Finder is a great resource that directs those looking for their perfect source of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon to Direct Marketers in their area. List information like your website, business phone number, operating region, farmer’s markets and buyer’s clubs, and more!

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Alaska Sea Grant’s fifth edition ​Fishermen’s Direct Marketer Handbook​ was published in 2018 to help and assist Alaska fishermen across the state.