“As a fisherman, it is really fulfilling to see our catch celebrated on restaurant menus in D.C. and Seattle. When we harvest salmon, I like to imagine where it will go and who will enjoy it and Bristol Bay Salmon Week restaurants is best possible scenario! Thank you for featuring salmon that is not only delicious but supports sustainable ecosystems and small family fishing businesses!”

– Frances Bursch, Bristol Bay Fisherman, F/V Skadi

“On behalf of all Bristol Bay fishermen who work tirelessly to supply America with sustainable wild protein, thank you for honoring sustainable practices by serving wild-caught sockeye during Bristol Bay Salmon Week! Your commitment to offering responsibly sourced ingredients is not only appreciated but also contributes to the preservation of our businesses, livelihoods, and ecosystems.”

Nels Ure, Bristol Bay Fisherman, F/V Vellamo 

We’d love to hear your feedback on this year’s event, what your successes were, and how we can improve the process for future years to come!

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